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Curo's audio prompts and One Button are simply enabling!

Curo, developer of revolutionary ease-of-use user interface technologies

Patented Technologies

Curo's user interface design platform offers several mobile phone solutions for users:

The Curo "user centric" design solution best matches the most basic human skill sets. It provides intuitive functionality by orally prompting and guiding the user to complete simple, specific tasks one binary decision at a time. The user quickly learns the device's simple, predictable behaviour, further reducing the learning curve of complex standard visually-based mobile interfaces.

User Interface Operation

Curo’s user interface enables users to operate mobile phones with the Curo Quick Access menu navigation control button. To access specific phone functions and menu items, users simply listen as the phone presents its features, and then click the Curo navigation button to select their desired feature ... it’s simply enabling!

Curo users, their friends and their families enjoy unprecedented communication, security and entertainment. This amazing user interface technology breakthrough will attract many new consumers and lifestyle application solutions to the cellular industry.

Curo’s Impact

Simply enabling mobile phone communication

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