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Innovation with the click
of a button ... Curo's
one button mobile phone
menu navigation system





















Curo LIBERATOR ... simplicity at its finest!






Curo MINDER ... security for children and peace of mind for parents!

Curo's unique audio user interface simplifies cell phone operation


Mobile Phone Challenges

... No more!

Curo has designed a suite of mobile phone solutions with the patented Curo audio user interface and menu browser that simplify mobile operation and makes communication a fun, enriching and liberating experience! With our audio user interface, the mobile keypad and display become entirely optional.

Our mobile phone solutions are designed for people who want simplicity, especially seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, the visually impaired, and youth.

Sample Product Designs

LIBERATOR ... it's all about simplicity

Curo's LIBERATOR user interface bridges the technology barrier between users and today’s complex mobile phone features. The LIBERATOR addresses the simplicity demanded by millions of consumers and enables people in all walks of life and of all ages and abilities to communicate.

Who will benefit from the LIBERATOR?

Download LIBERATOR PDF brochure

MINDER ... peace of mind for young children and parents

For young children ... The Curo Child Minder phone is a safe, cuddly companion that children love to play with and keep with them. The MINDER enables children to call parents and other authorized numbers by directly activating the phone. They can listen to music and stories from download portals.

For parents ... With Curo's Child Minder, parents can call directly or use it as a child monitor by remotely activating the audio monitor and listening to the child’s audio environment without ringing. Parents can track children with a GPS and geo-fencing, providing the family more control in monitoring the safety of the child.

Download MINDER PDF brochure

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