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Jerry Sedmak, President and CEO of Curo

Leadership of a talented, motivated team!

Jerry Sedmak, President & CEO, co-founded Curo Interactive Inc. in 1999, driven by strong international market demand to supply easy to use cellular phones. He says, “We thrive on creating technologies that enable and enrich people’s lives!”

Over the past 7 years, Mr. Sedmak has focused his research and development efforts on expanding the European, Asian and North American markets through various marketing initiatives including international telecommunication conventions, direct marketing, management of European GSM distribution companies, and, particularly, on Team Canada trade missions.

Mr. Sedmak has been involved in the telecommunication industry for over 30 years. His leadership skills and desire to bring enabling technologies to the world have attracted and motivated an energetic team and board of advisors to Curo.

Mr. Sedmak is also the President of Omega Wireless Corporation which expanded from 10 diversified communication companies and is today known as the Omega Group of Companies. He also serves as a Director on the boards of a number of communication companies.

Mr. Sedmak is a Director and Corporate Secretary for the Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association  (1999-2007), as well as Director of Wireless Innovation Network of BC (2004-2007).

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